Branding and Marketing

Lake Street is composed of many neighborhoods and businesses and cultures, making it both one-of-a-kind and hard to define. The best way to spread that story is to get people to come to Lake Street and experience it for themselves. The Lake Street Council spearheads the following branding and marketing initiatives.

Visit Lake Street Website

In 2009, Lake Street Council launched a second website: Its purpose is to market Lake Street for the phenomenal commercial corridor it is, highlighting its many dining, shopping, and entertainment destinations with a blog, comprehensive business database, robust events calendar, and lots and lots of images.

The Visit Lake Street brand extends beyond this website to social media: you can find Visit Lake Street on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, talking with over 10,000 Lake Street lovers about our street and the people and businesses/organizations that make it so great.

Minnesota Monthly: Best of the Twin Cities 2010: Best Twitter Feed

Visit Lake Street Coupon Books

In early 2013 we printed and distributed over 12,000 coupon books highlighting 88 businesses up and down Lake Street. Lake Street Council partner Nemer Fieger had created similar coupon books for Central Corridor businesses, and based on their research, tracking, and takeaways, we decided to focus on buy-one-get-one-free offers. The coupon books were a huge hit with businesses and customers alike.

The Alley: Visit Lake Street USA Coupon Book: BuyOneGetOne

Visit Lake Street Brochure

We have printed two versions of this brochure, the most recent of which features a lovingly hand-illustrated map by Powderhorn resident Shari Albers. This brochure is in miniature, directing visitors to Lake Street businesses and cultural landmarks and discussing what makes Lake Street such a one-of-a-kind destination. These brochures are distributed to a variety of businesses and organizations as well as training and visitor centers.

Visit Lake Street Merchandise

Be a Lake Street ambassador, 24/7! We’ve got Visit Lake Street brand T-shirts, totes, bumper stickers, window clings, and more in the office that you can buy to show off your boundless appreciation for all things Lake Street.